About the brand

The JAP Petelicka brand was founded in Poland, in 2013 by fashion designer Justyna Petelicka.
Justyna’s inspiration and talent came from her family’s background in tailoring in Poland.

The brand’s philosophy is creating outstanding clothes for self-confident women looking for unique designs. The JAP Petelicka brand is to create luxurious fashion, well-cut and sewn from high-quality materials. Haute couture dresses are hand-sewn in unique and single patterns. They are embellished with hand-painted details, hand-shaded tulle, artistic embroidery and hand made material appliques.

The latest collection of JAP Petelicka was successfully future during Arab Fashion Week, on March 2021.

The designs were featured in magazines worldwide such as L’officiel, Vogue Italia, Elle, InStyle, Cosmopolitan and Harper’s Bazaar.

The clothes and styles from Justyna’s collections are in high demand among polish image consultants, stylists, and celebrities.

To help save our planet, the brand only uses fabrics that come from reliable, eco-friendly sources, and ensures they were produced in proper, ethical conditions.

JAP Petelicka Collections are short and dynamic series of distinctive clothes with a creative, innovative artistic touch.

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